Oncocua, Cahama and Chibia

Traditional life

We drive over a bumpy gravel road to Oncocua. Experience the Angolan Bantu tribes up close and engage in intercultural exchange. Immerse yourself in the daily life and traditions of your hosts and learn more about their way of life.

At the local markets you can buy handicrafts, local specialties and home-made alcohol. You will be welcomed with a traditional ritual and integrated into the community for the duration of your stay. We will set up camp in the shelter of the village and spend the evening with the locals.

Here they will sleep under the endless canopy of stars of the Angolan desert.

Tribes of Angola

Meet people of the Muhimba, Muhakaona, and Muhimba, Himba, Humbe and San, among others. Learn more about their customs and traditions and engage in direct exchange.
You are welcome to take photos here, but it is very important to us that this is done amicably and after consultation with the respective people in order to maintain mutual respect.
Your adventure continues to Virei and Tchitundo Hulo to see the impressive rock formations and meet more tribal people. This journey takes you deep into the culture of Angola and shows you an unadulterated Africa.

Trip Details


11 Days, 10 Nights

Group Size

From 2 People


Luanda, Lubango

Trip Type

Very adventerous, Camping, Culture

Important to know

Very long overland drives, Rough roads, Far away from civilisation


  • Muhimba (Himba, OvaHimba)
  • Muhacaona (Muhakaona, Mucawana)
  • Mucubal
  • Mumuila
  • Khoi San (San Bushman)
  • Humbe
  • Nguendelengue
  • and others



  • Cristo Rei
  • Tunda Vala Gap
  • Serra da Leba
  • Colinas (Red Rock Canyon)
  • Lagoa dos Arcos
  • Welwitchia Mirabilis
  • Tchitundo Hulo (rock paintings)


  • Lubango
  • Oncocua
  • Chibia
  • Garganta
  • Tômbua
  • Nambie
  • Iona National Park
  • Namibe Desert
  • Virei



  • Hotel / Lodge
  • Camping


Sleeping under the stars of the desert.


Excelente trip for photography enthusiasts.

Travel gem

A unique cultural travel experience.

Full guided

24/7 support during the entire trip.

Ethnic tribes

Angola is known for its diversity of ethnic groups that still live their original rituals and traditional lifestyle that didn’t change much in the last centuries.

Our focus is on gentle, respectful and responsible tourism that does not disrupt the lives of the local people.

This trip gives you a unique insight into a pristine Africa that hardly exists anywhere else on the continent.

What to see

The focus of this trip is on intercultural exchange. The sights of the region are only included in the margins of the trip to round off your impression of the region.

Discover remote areas, the desert, the village life and the beauty of this region. Get to know both city life and country life.

Fascinating rock formations, ancient rock paintings, breathtaking views, captivating encounters and famous landmarks, coupled with the region’s distinctive flora and fauna will will complete your journey.

An experience that creates impressive memories.

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