Huila, Cunene and Namibe

Impressive Landmarks

The south of Angola is a very  popular holiday destination among tourists and locals. This area is besides the marvelouse and diverse landscape a interesting place to meet indigenous peoples of Africa.

The Serra da Leba pass was also nominated as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Angola. The beautiful Serra da Leba mountain range is located in the province of Huíla, not far away from the city of Lubango. A fascinating place with a incredible view. Another, and maybe even more famouse point of interest is the rock formation Fenda da Tundaval. One of the winners of the 7 Natural Wonders of Angola.

After arrival in Lubango, there can be already seen one of the distinctive sights of the city, the Christ the King (Cristo Rei) statue, which is overlooking the city. Inspired by the famouse figure of Rio de Janeiro, the statue was built in 1957 and is listed since 2014 as an Angolan World Heritage Site.

Tribes of Angola

Not just the diverse landscape of the south attracts visitors, mainly the people come to see and discover the many ethnic groups, who live mostly as nomads in the area of Cunene which boarders Namibia in the south. In contrast to the rest of Africa, there you can still find a lot of traditonal tribes. Many of them are just located in this area and still live their traditonal lives.

The colourful cloth, the rich jewelry or the typical hair style, every people have their own distinctive features and traditions. Nevertheless they live all in peace togehter in this protected area of Angola.

Besides the rich cultur in the south of Angola, you can also discover there the desert of Namibe as well as the long coasts with the sandy beaches. Enjoy your spare time during a desert safari and experience another face of Africa.


Trip Details


8 Days, 7 Nights

Group Size

From 2 People



Trip Type

Very adventerous, Camping, Culture

Important to know

Very long overland drives, Rough roads, Far away from civilisation


  • Muhimba (Himba, OvaHimba)
  • Muhacaona (Muhakaona, Mucawana)
  • Mucubal
  • Mumuila
  • Khoi San (San Bushman)
  • and many more



  • Cristo Rei
  • Tunda Vala Gap
  • Serra da Leba
  • Colinas (Red Rock Canyon)
  • Lagoa dos Arcos
  • Welwitchia Mirabilis
  • Tchitundo Hulo (rock paintings)


  • City of Lubango
  • Oncocua
  • Chibia
  • Moçamedes
  • Tômbua
  • Nambie



  • Hotels
  • Lodges
  • Camping


Sleeping under the stars of the desert.


Excelente trip for photography enthusiasts.

Full guided

24/7 support during the entire trip.

Travel gem

A unique cultural travel experience.

Ethnic tribes

Angola is known for its diversity of ethnic groups that still live their original rituals and traditional lifestyle that didn’t change much in the last centuries.

Our focus is on gentle, respectful and responsible tourism that does not disrupt the lives of the local people.

This trip gives you a unique insight into a pristine Africa that hardly exists anywhere else on the continent.

What to see

This trip takes you through remote areas, across the desert, to the Atlantic Ocean. Get to know both city life and country life.

Fascinating rock formations, ancient rock paintings, breathtaking views, captivating encounters and famous landmarks, coupled with the region’s distinctive flora and fauna.

An experience that creates memories.


What Our Clients Say

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Joao put forth maximum effort to make sure that we received both value and a quality experience. The country does not have a well-developed tourist infrastructure, but Joao did the utmost to deal with the inevitable hiccups. Angola is well-worth visiting, and I unhesitatingly recommend this tour company.

Ron Bergwerk

My company used Pure and Authentic Tourism in December for the first time. They were absolutely outstanding. Their company supported a 14 person operation for an entire week as we broke off into multiple elements throughout southern Angola. Their ability to maintain flexibility in the face of constant change, support us with translators when we needed it, and even assist us with financial concerns when our US bank stopped working proved to be invaluable part of our trip. The company is owned and managed by German-Angolan dual citizens who bring every bit of the famous German professionalism to bear. Their drivers showed up early every single day and were extremely professional around our client. Having locals that were able to negotiate military and police checkpoints prevented untold costs in both time and cash bribes. Having them around to assist with the day-to-day life in Angola prove to be critical to our success. When we were out of cell phone signal or operating at odd hours we were able to trust the P&A head office to maintain flawless communication with our corporate office in United States. The ability to place a request for a flight or hotel reservation and then disappear into the bush for several days at a time was incredible. We’ve conducted the similar mission in South Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and the Congo, among others and this is by far the most capable transportation company I’ve ever use in Africa. All the managers speak perfect English, German, and Portuguese and they ensured that someone was always available to support us no matter the time of the day. I cannot speak more highly of their services. We will use their services for every future mission we have in Angola. It it my hope that they soon expand their form of services to surrounding nations soon!

Jose Huertas
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