Santiago Beach

An exceptional beach

Approximately 25 km north of Luanda on the way to Caxito lies the bay of Santiago.

Another true insider tip. This beach is as extraordinary as beautiful. What makes this wide sandy beach so special are the many shipwrecks. Some of the wrecks are right on the beach.

This special mix of dream beach and apocalypse flair makes this destination a very special experience for adventurers and photographers.

This surreal scenery was created in the 1970s. The disused ships of some bankrupt companies were towed to the remote beach. Over time, a whole ship graveyard formed.

Capture unique pictures

The largest ship on the beach is an oil tanker of 70 meters called “Karl Marx”. The indiscriminately scattered ocean liners date back to the 1960s and have been more or less affected by water, sun and tides. Some of the skeletons are directly accessible from the beach. Book a unforgettable trip into a bizarre world.

Please note: Recently, the old wrecks have been gradually removed by the authorities. We cannot assure you which and how many shipwrecks are still on the beach at the time of your visit. Should you nevertheless wish to go on this excursion, we will try to find out what the current status will be at the time of your booking.


Trip Details


6 Hours

Group Size

From 2 People



Trip Type

Nature, History, Culture

Important to know

More and more shipwrecks are being removed from the beach. There are not as many to see as before.

Landmarks and Places:

  • Santiago beach (Shipwreck beach)
  • Museummonument of the Battle of Kifangondo on April 4th
  • Drive through districts of Cacuaco and Sambizanga



  • Snacks during drive
  • Lunch at a tipical restaurant


Excelente tour for photography enthusiasts.


Spend time on the beach and the Atlantic Ocean.


Impressive scenery and much to discover.

Hidden gem

Unique beach that leaves a lasting impression.

What to see

We recommend to start in the
early morning hour to have the best light at the Santiago beach, where the ship cemetery is located. The approximately 25 km long beach is a playground for photographers. The stay will be approx. 1 Hour to explore the ship cemetery with its famous ships like the “Karl-Marx”, which slowly disappears due to corrosion.

Afterwards we will visit the monument of the Battle of Kifangondo on April 4th. The battle is considered the cornerstone of Angola’s independence.

On the way back to the city we cross the districts of Cacuaco and Sambizanga to the most populous districts (townships) of Count Luanda.

Back in Luanda there is a late lunch in a typical restaurant, before we bring you back to your starting point.


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Had a great 4 day tour visiting Piedras Negras, Kalandula Falls, Shipwreck Beach and a National Park. Service and guides were outstanding!

Lillie Echevarria
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