Explore the Okavango Delta from the Angolan side

Explorer expedition

Take part in a unique journey to the south-east of Angola. This expedition takes you to corners of Angola that have not yet been explored by tourists. Immerse yourself in the Okavango Delta from the Angolan side and experience this untouched piece of nature. This cross border experience begins in the provinces that are home to the Okavango and Zambezi water sources (Huambo, Bié and Moxico) and takes you back to Angola via the territory of Namibia. This unique experience takes place from 18 – 28.09.2024. 6 places are still available, so don’t hesitate too long to secure your place.

Impressive nature

This 10-day trip takes you through the Bico de Angola, currently the country’s most important nature reserve, via the Caprivi Strip in the Republic of Namibia with an overnight stay in Rundu on Namibian territory, and back to Angola.

This untouched region is rich in wildlife and gives you an insight into an untouched part of Africa.


Trip Details


10 Days, 9 Nights

Group Size

1 Person



Trip Type

Nature, Adventure, Road trip, Wildlife

Important to know

Participants should be physically fit. The trip takes you to remote areas without medical care.


  • Luanda sightseeing tour
  • Water sources of the Cubango-Kavango- Okavango River
  • Morro de Chimbango
  • Sources of the Kuanza River
  • Cubango River Bridge
  • Boat trip along the Cuito and Cubango rivers
  • Wildlife observation
  • Bico de Angola



  • Luanda
  • Chicala Choloanga
  • Chitembo
  • Menongue
  • Chinguar
  • Cuangar
  • Caiundo
  • Savate
  • Chitembo
  • Cuangar
  • Calai
  • Dirico
  • Mucusso
  • Luiana
  • Benorio
  • Rundu (Namibia)



  • Hotels
  • Camping


See the untouched nature of Angola


One of Angola’s impressiv wildlife gems.


Into the wild – experience Angola up close.

Full Guided

All-round service with 24/7 support from our team.

What to see

You start in the capital Luanda with a sightseeing program before heading to the province of Huambo the next day. There you will join the expedition. You visit the water sources of the Cubango-Kavango-Okavango River, in Chicala Choloanga and the sources of the Kuanza River. You visit the capital of the province of Cuando and Cubango Menongue and visit the Cubango River Bridge. You will have a cultural moment in Rainha do Calai and immerse yourself in the nature of the region during a boat trip along the Cuito and Cubango rivers.

Deep in the delta on the Angolan side you will observe the wild animals of the region. Immerse yourself in the Bico de Angola and its fascinating ambience. Continue to the Nambian side where you will spend the night in Rundu before returning to Angola.

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