Zaire Province

In the footsteps of the old Congo Empire

M’banza Congo (once known as Carmona) was once the capital of the Kingdom of the Congo in the 16th century. Today’s Angola is made up of different kingdoms such as Congo, Ndongo, Matamba and others together.

These kingdoms were separated centuries ago, but this changed with the arrival of the Portuguese. Some tribes no longer had royal successors, others had to band together to survive, others fell victim to slavery and were gradually wiped out.

M’Banza Congo is known for the ruins of the Cathedral of the Holy Savior (São Salvador).

Mbanza Congo, the king

UNESCO World Heritage

The 15th century building is considered the oldest colonial church in sub-Saharan Africa. According to a local legend, the Kulumbimbi (Cathedral of San Salvador) was built overnight by angels.

The origins of the city located in northwest Angola date back to the 13th century. The site of Mbanza Congo, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, includes archaeological relics of the former Kingdom of the Congo, which existed from the 14th to the 19th centuries, and buildings from the Portuguese colonial period.


Trip Details


2 Days, 1 Nights

Group Size

From 2 People



Trip Type

Nature, History

Important to know

Long overland drives, hike through grassland

Landmarks and Places:

  • Kulumbimbi (The Cathedral of the Holy Savior / São  Salvador)
  • Museum of the Kingdom of the Congo
  • Yala Knuwu (holy  tree)
  • Sungilu (place associated with the funeral ceremonies of the kings)
  • Church Nossa Sra. da Conceição
  • City of M’banza Congo
  • Bombo Falls
  • N´zau Evua cave



  •  Hotel


Meals included:

  • Snacks during drive
  • Breakfast


Following the footsteps of ancient african history.


Visit the hardly known to tourists N´zau Evua caves.

Unique experience

Meet the descendant of the Congo King.

Full guided

24/7 support during the entire trip.

What to see

Enjoy the nature of Angola and explore the N’zau Evua Caves and the provincial town of Nzeto.

In M’banza Congo you will see the so-called Kulumbimbi. The ancient meeting place from which the fate of the old kingdom was guided. Meet the descendant of the Congo King and take part in a ceremony. At the Museum of the Kingdom of the Congo you will gain a deeper understanding of the history of the region. A highlight is of course the Cathedral of the Holy Savior, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017.


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ANDI - Destination Chaser

We had an exceptional experience exploring Angola with Pure and Authentic Tourism. Joao and his team are superb hosts, helpful and caring. He will work around your requirements and suggest an itinerary that will fit your needs. Be sure to pick up the phone (via WhatsApp) and speak with him when planning, he will address your concerns, and explain anything and everything. Joao's personality is a huge attribute - he has great social skills, which you can see when he's interacting with strangers (be it villagers or officials) and also with his clients. Simply put - we enjoyed his company. We received assistance and care before and after our trip. Joao will help if you have any questions with the eVisa process, and he continued to help when our luggage was lost and only found after our departure. We felt safe with him, he drove very well, and was caring but not overzealous. Be aware - Angola is expensive. Everything costs a lot, be it a simple hotel room or a meal, only fuel is inexpensive. Within that sphere, Pure and Authentic Tourism's prices are reasonable, but Angola is not a "budget" tourist destination. Thank you for the great memories!

Jan Lisiecki

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Michael Louze
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