Wildlife and the tribes of Angola

Angola's natural wonders

Discover the breathtaking wonders of Angola! In Bicuar National Park, embark on an unforgettable safari, where you can see majestic elephants, graceful giraffes, and diverse wildlife in a pristine natural setting. Experience the awe-inspiring Ruacana Falls, where the Cunene River cascades along the Angolan-Namibian border. Marvel at the powerful water flow and enjoy panoramic views. Journey to Monte Negro Falls, also known as Epupa Falls, and witness the sheer beauty of this natural spectacle. Whether exploring the diverse landscapes of Bicuar, standing in awe of Ruacana’s cascades, or admiring the scenic grandeur of Monte Negro, each destination promises a memorable and immersive experience in Angola’s natural wonders.

An authentic experience

Get to know the tribes in the south of Angola. Starting from the small town of Oncocua, you will visit the tribes that live in the south of the country, such as the Humbe, Sans, Himba, Handa and many others. Immerse yourself in village life and discover an authentic piece of Africa. Get to know the culture and the different customs of the tribes. This tour offers an impressive mix of nature, wild life and culture.


Trip Details


13 Days, 12 Nights

Group Size

From 2 People



Trip Type

Culture, Nature, Wildlife

Important to know

Very long overland drives, partly rough roads, Camping


  • Cristo Rei
  • Tunda Vala Gap
  • Chapel of Nossa Sra. Do Monte
  • Chapel Cé Catedral
  • Fenda do Bimbi
  • Bicuar National Park
  • Ruacana Falls
  • Monte Negro falls (Epupa Falls)



  • Lubango
  • Chibia
  • Chomipapa
  • Xangongo
  • Oncocua

Tribes can be seen like:

  • Mumuila
  • San Bushmen
  • Humbe
  • Mu-dimba
  • Mu-hakaona
  • Himba
  • Va-Tua
  • Handa



  • Hotels
  • Lodge
  • Tents


Sleep in the desert underneath the the stars.


Waterfalls, national park and diverse landscapes.

Travel gem​

A unique angolan travel experience.


Excelente trip for photography enthusiasts.

What to see

Embark on a 13-day adventure through the heart of Angola. Begin in Lubango with a city tour, exploring landmarks like the Tunda Vala Gap and Nossa Sra. Do Monte Chapel.

Journey to Bicuar National Park for a thrilling safari, where you can see the Angolan wildlife. Then travel to Chibia, immersing yourself in its culture and witnessing the unique Fico ceremony, if possible. Continue to Chomipapa, Gambue, and Humbe, meeting diverse tribes and experiencing their traditions.

Explore Ruacana Falls and Oncocua for more cultural immersion. Visit Monte Negro Falls, and finally, return to Lubango for a farewell. This expedition promises an unforgettable blend of nature, culture, and adventure.

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