Where fresh water meets the Atlantic

The mouth of the Cunene River

Rio Cunene, a significant river in Angola, flows through the southern part of the country, carving a path of cultural and ecological importance. This majestic watercourse originates in the central highlands of Angola and journeys over 1,050 kilometers, eventually reaching the Atlantic Ocean. One of the notable features along its course is the Foz do Rio Cunene, where the river meets the sea, creating a unique and dynamic ecosystem.

The Foz do Rio Cunene, also known as the mouth of the Cunene River, is situated at the border between Angola and Namibia. This coastal area serves as a transitional zone where the freshwater river encounters the saltwater of the Atlantic Ocean. The meeting of these two distinct environments gives rise to a rich and diverse ecosystem that supports various flora and fauna, both in the river and along the coastal regions.

Rich in biodiversity

The surrounding landscape is characterized by sand dunes, estuaries, and wetlands, creating a habitat that is vital for numerous species of fish, birds, and other wildlife. The Foz do Rio Cunene is particularly renowned for its birdlife, with various species of waterfowl, waders, and migratory birds finding refuge in the estuarine and mangrove areas, especially in the rainy season. These habitats provide feeding and breeding grounds, contributing to the overall biodiversity of the region.
In addition to its ecological importance, the Foz do Rio Cunene holds cultural significance for the communities living along its shores. The river and its delta have been integral to the lives of the people, influencing traditions, customs, and local economies.

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2 Days, 1 Night

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From 2 People



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Nature, Adventure

Important to know

This tour can only be carried out in good weather conditions.

Landmarks and Places:

  • Moçâmedes
  • Iona National Park
  • Foz do Rio Cunene



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Great photo spot

Unique photography opportunities.


Region with extensive biodiversity.

Hidden gem

Experience a very rarely travelled region.

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24/7 support during the entire trip.

What to see

Embark on an unforgettable adventure as we rise early to explore the enchanting Foz do Rio Cunene. Our journey will take us through the breathtaking IONA National Park, offering glimpses of the vast and intense desert landscapes that stretch across this region of Angola and extend into Namibia.

As we traverse this unique terrain, keep your eyes peeled for the mesmerizing beauty of the desert and the striking dunes that punctuate the landscape. Whether you witness these natural wonders today or tomorrow, the experience promises to be a feast for the eyes and a highlight of our journey.

Our accommodation will be under the stars, nestled in tents, providing a rustic and immersive experience close to nature.

After an early breakfast at the Foz, we’ll take the opportunity to explore the surroundings before making our way towards the captivating capital city of Namibe, also known as Moçamedes. On our route, we’ll visit the lion’s den, spending some time in awe of the remarkable landscapes that characterize this area.

Join us for a journey filled with natural wonders, cultural experiences, and the untamed beauty of the Foz do Rio Cunene. This adventure promises to be a highlight of your journey through Angola, leaving you with lasting memories of the diverse landscapes and rich heritage of this remarkable region.

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