Journey into the Heart of Congo

Unveiling cultural riches and timeless traditions

Embark on a journey through the Democratic Republic of Congo, starting in the vibrant city of Kinshasa. Your exploration includes a visit to Tata Gonda Land, where you’ll participate in diverse ceremonies, witness healing prayers, and discover sacred sites. After returning to Kinshasa, delve into the city of Kenge and experience the rich traditions of the Yaka Kingdom.
The adventure continues in Gungu, where you engage in the Mukanda ritual and witness mesmerizing mask dances. Your travels lead to Idiofa, unveiling the beauty of diverse tribal villages, including the culturally rich Ambuun (Bambunda) community.
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Discover the Formerly Mighty Kingdom, a Tale of Strength and Tradition

As you journey through the Democratic Republic of Congo, experience the tranquility of Ilebo, the gateway to the Kuba Kingdom. Rest and rejuvenate for the next leg of the adventure, a drive to Mushenge, where rough roads may extend the journey. Upon arrival, immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Kuba land, meeting the Prince and connecting with village life. Uncover the rich history, beliefs, and artistic traditions of the formidable Kuba Kingdom, witnessing captivating rituals and initiation demonstrations.
Continue to Kananga for a full day of exploration before returning to Kinshasa. Explore the vibrant Matonge, meet the stylish Sapeurs, and witness the energy of fetish wrestlers before departing.

Trip Details


13 Days, 12 Nights

Group Size

From 2 People



Trip Type

Nature, History, Culture

Important to know

Long overland drives, rough roads, camping

Landmarks and Highlights:

  • Tata Gonda
  • Yaka Kingdom Traditional Ceremony
  • Mukanda and Mask’s
  • Kuba Kingdom
  • Sapeurs of Matonge



  • Kinshasa
  • Kenge
  • Kikwit
  • Gungu
  • Idiofa
  • Mushenge
  • Kananga



  •  Hotel/ Camping


Discover the rich history of the DRC.


Experience the stunning african nature.


Immerse yourself deeply in Congolese culture.

Full guided

24/7 support during the entire trip.

What to see

Embark on an immersive journey through the Democratic Republic of Congo, beginning in the vibrant city of Kinshasa. Traverse the diverse landscapes, from Tata Gonda Land’s sacred ceremonies to the Yaka Kingdom’s traditional masked dance in Kenge. Engage in the profound Mukanda ritual with the Pende of Gungu, then navigate challenging roads to explore tribal villages en route to the formidable Kuba Kingdom in Mushenge. Delve into the kingdom’s rich history, beliefs, and artistic traditions, witnessing captivating rituals and initiation demonstrations.

Conclude your adventure with a full-day drive to Kananga, a flight back to Kinshasa, and a relaxed city tour, encountering the unique Sapeurs in Matonge and visiting fetish wrestlers before bidding farewell at Kinshasa International Airport.

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