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If you only have a short stay or stop over in Angola, would like to go on a weekend trip with your family or are looking for building blocks for your own individual trip through Angola, then take a look at our day trips here.


Start: Luanda (1 day)

Get to know all the major attractions of the city. On this day trip culture and history are united.

Discover the Marginal, the monument of Augustino Neto, the Parliament and many more attractions.

Angola’s rich history reflects multifaceted in architecture, as well as in people.


Start: Luanda (4 hours)

Explore the heart of Luanda on our immersive tour, stepping away from typical tourist spots to engage with locals and uncover hidden gems. With expert guides facilitating cultural exchanges and a focus on authentic experiences, savor local street food and discover the vibrant, lesser-known side of the city.


Start: Luanda (4 hours)

Like everywhere else in the world, there is a young and growing street art scene in Luanda.

Get to know the city from a completely different perspective and immerse yourself in the colourful images of the city that reflect the everyday lives of its inhabitants.


Start: Luanda (1 day)

Probably the most famous and largest ship on the beach of 70 m in length is the former oil tanker “Karl Marx”. The oldest ships are from the 1960s.

The ships graveyard offers an impressive photo scenery paired with a kilometer-long, fine sandy beach. The perfect combination of recreation and adventure.


Start: Luanda (1 day)
Approximately 120 km outside of the city, you will find a true surfers paradise. Still few tourists get lost to this impressive beach.

Where the wild Atlantic meets the wide sandy beach, it’s hard not to climb on a surfboard. The extensive beach is also ideal for swimming and relaxing.

This tour gives you an authentic insight into everyday life.


Start: Luanda (1 days)

This trip includes the Kwanza River, the Miradouro da Lua and the Quicama National Park.

The Quicama National Park is an Angolan natural park in the province of Bengo. It is the closest to Luanda and the best accessible for tourists.


Start: Luanda (1 day)

Muxima means “heart” in Kimbundu and is also the name of the main place of pilgrimage of Angola. The Mary’s church is visited annually by pilgrims from all over the world.

Get to know the lively life around the sanctuary, discover the small market and look forward to explore the Rio Kwanza by boat.


Start: Luanda (1 day)

Massangano is a small town about 190 km from Luanda, which is mainly known for its 16th century fortress.

A place with a deep and turbulent history, with famous battles and the scene of the international slave trade.

The fortress is a listed monument and has applied for UNESCO World Heritage status.


Start: Luanda (1 day)

Just outside the city lies the island Mussulo. This is where the wealthy city dwellers are drawn to unwind on the weekends.

The city side is characterized by calm water and kid-friendly activities. Active people like surfers and kite surfers like to meet on the Atlantic side.

The Ilha do Mussulo is the perfect place to escape the bustling city for a day.


Start: Luanda (approx. 8 hours)


You arrive in Luanda with a cruise ship and would like to see as much as possible in the short time and not sit in a bus with a large group?

We will pick you up directly at the entrance of the port to save you time. 


Start: Luanda (1 day)

Escape the city and treat yourself with an active break. Enjoy the picturesque nature of Angola in an extraordinary context.

You will find relaxation at the pool of the golf resort and come back to the city with new energy. If Golf is not your passion, then let yourself be pampered in the spa.


Start: Luanda (approx. 6 hours)

Discover Angola from a new perspective.

You’ll fly over the terrain so low that you’ll feel like you can see every detail. Fly over the capital, Kissama National Park, Miradouro da Lua and the impressive nature of Angola.

This excursion is rounded off with a short city tour to show you the most important sights up close.


Start: Luanda (1 day)

Including a Rio Kwanza boat tour.

At the “foz do rio kwanza”, where the Kwanza river meets the Atlantic, the fishing rods are cast out to catch the biggest fish.

Spend a few hours on the water in a relaxed atmosphere and make the catch of the day.


Start: Luanda

Kizomba is a popular dance and music genre that originated in Angola in the late 1970s. It is characterized by its slow, sensual movements and a fusion of African rhythms with elements of Caribbean and Latin dance styles.

Learn this increasingly popular dance with the Angolan national champions and enjoy a moving day full of rythm.


Start: Luanda (1 day)

Watching the giants of the sea is a very special experience.
Enjoy a day at sea and get closer to these impressive animals.
One of the best wild life experiences in Luanda.

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