Impressive culture

The Cabinda enclave is embedded in the Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa) and the Congo (Brazzaville).


The culture of the local population, which is made up of the ethnic groups of the N´Goyo, Kakongo and Loango´s, is unique. They are particularly known for their excellent woodwork which is made from the well-known “Pau de Cabinda”. The locals are very attached to their wood, which is not only reflected in the handicrafts. Different properties are attributed to different types of wood and used in medicine or for ritual purposes.

Deep rain forest

The Mayombe Forest is one of the largest forests on the African continent and is known for its rich biodiversity. It is more likely the second largest rainforest of its kind in the world and extends across Angola, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon.
Portuguese explorers reached the Congo Estuary in the mid-15th century, but it was only after Portugal finally negotiated the Angolan borders and effectively occupied the territory in the mid-1920s that Cabinda began to be treated as part of this colony. When resistance against the colonial power of Portugal began to form in Angola in the 1950s, anti-colonial groups also formed in Cabinda, although most of them sought independence independent from Angola.

Trip Details


2 Days, 1 Nights

Group Size

From 2 People



Trip Type

Nature, History, Culture

Important to know

Not always possible to travel without restrictions due to active seperatist groups

Landmarks and Places:

  • Cabinda City
  • Mayombe Forest
  • Tchizo
  • Catedral de Nossa Senhora Rainha do Mundo
  • Simulambuco Treaty museum



  • Bakama



  •  Hotel



  • Snacks during drive
  • Breakfast


Visit the famouse Mayombe Forest.

Hidden gem

Experience a very rarely travelled region.

Full guided

24/7 support during the entire trip.

Small ethnic groups

Meet the ethnic tribes of Cabinda.

What to see

The enclave of Cabinda is a place that has hardly been explored by tourists. You will visit the Lândana Swamp, a very nice place for bird watchers with its Flamingos and pelicans,  the city of Cabinda with it’s curches and monuments as well as the Simulambuco Treaty museum.

Another highlight for sure will be the Mayombe forest with its unique flora and fauna and of course meet the peopel of Cabinda.


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