A layed back trip

Tales of a bygone era

Nestled along the picturesque Atlantic coast of Angola, the dynamic duo of Lobito and Benguela beckon to adventurous travelers seeking a blend of history, culture, and coastal beauty. Lobito, a thriving port city, invites visitors with its bustling harbor and industrial charm. The city’s maritime heritage is palpable as ships gracefully navigate the Atlantic, and the historic Benguela Railway, connecting Lobito and Benguela, whispers tales of a bygone era.

In Benguela, the capital of the Benguela Province, time seems to stand still amidst well-preserved colonial architecture. Stroll through cobbled streets, discovering the city’s rich history and vibrant local markets. Benguela’s cultural tapestry is woven with Portuguese influences, creating a unique fusion of traditions.

Sun, Sand, Beach and Nature

For sun-seekers, both cities boast stunning beaches along the coast, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the African shore. Relax on sandy expanses, enjoying the warm tropical breeze and savoring fresh seafood delicacies at local eateries.

This trip is an interesting combination of nature, history, sight seeing and relaxation on one of Angola’s most beautiful beaches.

Experience the rhythm of local music, savoring the flavors of Angolan cuisine, and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the locals.

Lobito and Benguela, with their distinct charm and harmonious coexistence, promise an unforgettable journey for those eager to explore Angola’s vibrant coastal treasures.


Trip Details


8 Days, 7 Nights

Group Size

From 2 People



Trip Type

Relaxing, Culture, Nature, History

Important to know

Compact travel without very long journeys, Train ride


  • Lobito Railway Station
  • Praia Morena
  • Historical boat Zaire
  • Catumbela Estuary
  • Lobito Museum
  • Ponte Acaba Mundo
  • Fort São Pedro
  • Train ride Lobito to Benguela
  • Benguela Railway Station
  • Church of Our Lady of Pópulo
  • Benguela Museum
  • Praia da Caotinha
  • Baia Azul



  • Lobito
  • Benguela



  • Hotel


Relax on some of the nicest beaches of Angola.


Learning about the history of the country.


Explore the mangroves and observe birdlife.


Excelente trip for photography enthusiasts.

What to see

Go on an enchanting journey through the coastal gems of Lobito and Benguela in Angola. Immerse yourself in Lobito’s history with visits to the iconic Lobito Railway Station, Praia Morena, and the historic boat Zaire.

Explore the natural wonders with a morning trip to the Catumbela Estuary and a visit to the Lobito Museum. Witness a breathtaking sunset at Ponte Acaba Mundo, capping off a day filled with cultural and historical insights.

Continue your exploration in Lobito touring the city, exploring Fort São Pedro in Benguela and visiting local markets. Embark on a unique experience as you travel by train from Lobito to Benguela, soaking in the culture and scenery.

In Benguela, delve into the Benguela Railway Station, Church of Our Lady of Pópulo, and the Benguela. This trip includes market visits, beach relaxation, and local cuisine exploration as well as exploring the famous Benguela beaches.

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