A tour of diversity

Down the coast line

From Luanda we head south to experience Angola’s wildlife. This road trip shows you a good selection of the many facets of Angola.

Always along the coast, you will visit the Sassa Caves and take a hike there to make a good change from the long drive. The Sassa Caves, with their cathedral-like entrance and impressive size, are a real highlight.

Take a short train ride between Lobito and Benguela on the famous route of the former Benguela Railway. Visit the highlights of the Namibe region such as the Serra da Leba, Tundavala gap or the town of Namibe. Get in touch with the local tribes and explore the desert areas of Namibe.

From history to nature

In Huambo, they immerse themselves in Angola’s more recent history and visit the remains of the house of former UNITA leader Jonas Savimbi.
Huambo is a place steeped in history that you will get to know better on your trip. Visit the Dala Falls and the Cameia Park before arriving in Luena.
From there, head north again to the green province of Malanje. The legendary Pedras Negra de Pungo Andongo are a mystical scenery that is an important place for the people of the region. The wonderful Kalandula Falls are a highlight from every perspective. Lonely and remote, you can enjoy the natural wonders of Angola here before heading back to the bustling capital.

Trip Details


14 Days, 13 Nights

Group Size

From 2 People



Trip Type

Road trip, Culture, Nature, History

Important to know

Very long overland drives, partly rough roads


  • Iron Palace
  • Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Nazaré
  • Kissama National Park
  • Church of Muxima
  • Sassa Caves
  • Tunda Vala Gap
  • Iona National Park
  • Welwitschia Mirabilis
  • Serra da Leba
  • Igreja dos navegantes
  • Colinas (Red Rock Canyon)
  • Lagoa dos Arcos
  • Cristo Rei
  • Former house of Jonas Savimbi
  • Dala Falls
  • Cameia Park
  • Pedras Negras de Pungo Andongo
  • Kalandula Falls
  • Miradouro da Lua
  • Slavery Museum
  • Art Craft Market
  • Kifica Market
  • Coin Museum
  • National Bank


  • Luanda
  • Muxima
  • Sumbe
  • Lobito
  • Benguela
  • Namibe
  • Tômbua
  • Lubango
  • Huambo
  • Luena
  • Saurimo
  • Malanje



  • Hotels


Learning about the newer history of the country.


Discover the diverse landscapes of Angola.

Road trip

Explore Angola up close and personal by car.


Excelente trip for photography enthusiasts.

What to see

See many of the most interesting tourist spots in one tour. Hand-picked stops give you a good insight into the diversity of Angola.

You will pass through scenic and fragrant vegetation zones. Culturally, too, you will immerse yourself in the many facets of Angola. From wildlife spotting to historical sites, you will get to know the country in its pure beauty.

This unique tour, which is only offered by us so far, will bring you closer to Angola in a very special way with varied experiences.

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