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M’banza-Kongo is the historic capital of the Kingdom of Kongo, located in present-day northern Angola. It was a significant political, cultural, and economic center in Central Africa, serving as the capital of one of the most powerful pre-colonial African kingdoms until the 17th century.

Malanje Province is a region in northern Angola known for its diverse landscapes, including highlands, rivers, and waterfalls. The provincial capital, Malanje, is an important urban center with agricultural and mining activities contributing to the local economy. The famous Kalandula Falls and the Pedras Negras de Pungo Andongo are also located there.

Huambo is a province in central Angola, characterized by its diverse landscapes, including plateaus and rivers. The provincial capital, also named Huambo, is a major urban center with historical significance, having served as a key location during the Angolan Civil War and undergoing post-war reconstruction and development.

Mbanza Congo

And from the south back north

We continue south to Chibia and Oncocua via the province of Bie. There you will come into contact with Angolan tribes such as Muacahonas, Vatua, Mumuila, Humbe and many more.
You explore the regions of Huila (Lubango) and Namibe. There you will see the famous sights such as the Serra da Leba and Tundavala Gap.
In Tchitundo Hulo you can admire the old cave paintings and experience the Red Canyon.
The tour continues to Benguela and Lobito. Then continue northwards where you will hike to the Sassa Caves in Sumbe.
Back in Luanda you will have a sightseeing day to round off your trip.
We are the first tour company in Angola to offer such an extensive tour. Through years of experience we have been able to tailor this extensive tour to the interests of our clients and summarize the best places in Angola for you.

Trip Details


21 Days, 20 Nights

Group Size

From 2 People


Luanda or M'Banza Congo

Trip Type

Adventerous, Culture, Nature

Important to know

Very long overland drives, Rough roads, Far away from civilisation, Camping

Landmarks and Places:

  • Kulumbimbi (Cathedral of the Holy Savior)
  • Museum of the Kingdom of the Congo
  • Yala Knuwu (holy tree)
  • Sungilu (place associated with the funeral ceremonies of the kings)
  • Church Nossa Sra. da Conceição
  • N ́zau Evua cave
  • Santiago Beach (Shipwreck Beach)
  • Rosas da porcelana
  • Kalandula Falls
  • Pedras Negras do Pungo Andongo
  • Queve river to see the hippos
  • Spring of the Cuanza river
  •  Estação experimental
  • Miradouro da Boca do Humpata – Humpata viewpoint
  • Fenda da Tundavala
  • Museu da Huil
  • Cristo Rei – Christ statue
  • Nossa Sra. Do Monte Capela
  • Tribes can been seen like: Mumuila (Mwila), Muacahonas, Vatua, Mu-dimba, Mu-himba, Muacahonas, Mucubal and Humbe
  • Leba pass
  • Tchitundo Hulo rock carving/painting
  • Oasis of Curoca
  • Arco
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • Sassa Caves
  • Cachoeira do Binga
  • Miradouro da Lua
  • Slavery Museum
  •  Museum da Fortaleza São Miguel
  • Mausoleum Dr. Antonio Agostinho Neto
  • Fort São Miguel
  • Anthropology and history museum
  • Iron Palace
  • Monument of the fallen unknown soldier
  • Marginal


  • Luanda
  • M’Banza Congo
  • Ndalatando
  • Quibala
  • Waku Cungo (Uaco Cungo)
  • Huambo
  • Caala
  • Lubango
  • Chibia
  • Oncocua
  • Xangongo
  • Namibe
  • Tchitundo Hulo
  • Moçamedes
  • Benguela
  • Lobito
  • Catumbela
  • Sumbe
  • Porto Amboim



  • Hotel / Lodge / Tents

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A complete road trip takes them from the green north of Angola to the barren south of the country. On this extensive journey, you will experience Angola in a particularly intense way.

You will see the most interesting places for tourists. The different vegetation zones and experience how they change bit by bit.

Experience the people, customs, wildlife and daily life up close and immerse yourself fully in this fascinating country.

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